Beware! The CONservatives are laughing at you.
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Compare these CONservative Manifesto Claims, with the actual facts.

Claim Fact
"50,000 more nurses" This includes 19,000 nurses who already work for the NHS that they hope they can prevent leaving. Additionally, Nicky Morgan has admitted that these additional nurses would not be hired in the next parliament.
"20,000 more police" Over 20,000 police officers were culled during the Austerity Years, so all this is committing to is getting us back to where we were in 2010.
"Get Brexit done in January" Quite aside from the fact that the majority don't want Brexit any more, Brexit does not end with leaving the EU. Leaving is just the beginning. The Guardian explains how much more work there is to do.
"40 new hospitals" The government has committed money to upgrade 6 existing hospitals by 2025. There is no money yet to build new hospitals; certainly not 40!
"NHS not for sale" Documents released on Wednesday show the Conservative government has been discussing the NHS in trade talks with the US government and US pharmaceutical companies since 2017.

Consider this recent BBC News article where Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, slams the "brazen", "blatant", "impersonation" tactics the CONservatives are using as "unbelievable".

They are trying to manipulate you and your vote...
  1. ... by pretending to be a Fact Checking service during the Leaders' Debate
  2. ... by publishing a fake Labour Party Manifesto
  3. ... by faking a video of Keir Starmer
Their misinformation campaign is paid for by...
  1. ... the wife of a former Russian minister
  2. ... Russian oligarchs
  3. ... super rich business people and their companies

So far, the Tories have received 20 times as much money in donations as the next highest party.

Ask yourself, "why?".


... they are covering up a report about Russian meddling in the UK political process.

Ask yourself, "why?".

None of this is surprising because their leader, Boris Johnson, ...
  1. ... was fired from his job at The Times for inventing a quote
  2. ... was fired from the Tory front bench for lying about an affair
  3. ... was wrong about the UK sending £350m to the EU per week
  4. ... calls homosexuals "bum boys"
  5. ... describes black people as "flag-waving piccaninnies" with "watermelon smiles"

Do you want a man like that in charge of your country?

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Why are you doing this?

I was disgusted at the shady techniques that the Tories are using to manipulate the public during this General Election campaign. They are not running an honest, honorable campaign.

I set up this parody site to shine a light on their dishonourable tactics and to encourage everyone I can to see the CONservatives for what they truly are.

Ultimately, I would like to encourage debate around a legally-enforcable set of behaviours regarding election campaigning. At the moment, there is no legal requirement for truthfulness, misrepresentation etc. It doesn't seem too much to ask!